PriPara – 50


Goats and snails?? What kind of demon did Aroma summon this time???

Here’s our not-so-monthly release.



5 thoughts on “PriPara – 50

  1. Are you accepting people to help you? I’d love to help if I could with timing, typesetting or whatever you need using aegisubs, and I was wondering if you accepted new people and if there was a way to contact you


  2. Thank you for continuing to release! I can’t stand the subbing choices Doki makes so I’ll always come here for Pripara, even if the wait is long.


  3. Hi there, thanks for the release. I was wondering if there would be any need for a quality checker or editor, as I’d love to help out in some way but I don’t have any subbing skill nor any knowledge in Japanese. Of course, I’m open to learning about using Aegisub and the skills required for other more important jobs, but I can’t guarantee how good I’d be…

    I tried contacting Doki, the other group subbing PriPara, and offering the same help, but I never got any response after several months and several repeated attempts. I really love PriPara and I would love to help in any way possible. You can contact me at if you find that I can be of help to you. Thank you for your time~


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