PriPara – 47 and long overdue status update and popularity poll


What a wonderful cake kyupikon!

Here it is after more than 2 months of waiting episode 47. Only one more episode for the end of the Aromageddon arc and into the goat arc!

So some of you may have probably perhaps maybe noticed we’re a tiny little bit slow. This is because I have to do a lot of work on each episode including translating, timing, typesetting, karaoke, quality check and manage the project, so I am often diverting what little free time I have to different parts of different episodes and it’s really inefficient.

Because of this I am looking for people to help with typesetting, karaoke and qc so that I’m able to focus on translating future episodes instead of going back to keep working on other ones I’ve already translated. This way I can keep translating and only touch previous episodes to release them.

You don’t need to have much experience with fansubbing as long as you know how to mix colors and fonts to make stuff pretty specially for the karaoke that’s fine. If you’re good with design but don’t know how to work aegisub I can teach you. Having someone to cut/shift karaoke for every episode would also help a lot.


Also there is a poll going on right now in japan in which you can vote for your favorite idol unit from pretty rhythm and pripara. You can vote in this poll up to 7 times and can be to different units or all votes to a single unit if you so desire (I of course vote all 7 times for Pink Actress). If you’re willing to help Pink Actress or vote for you favorite unit you can do so here. (Pink Actress is ピンクアクトレス)

If you’re interested in joining us  you can visit us on irc over at #kyupikon on or comment here or send us an email over at If we don’t get anyone we won’t drop the project but we will just keep going at a slow pshuu pace.


Oh yeah and here’s the episode torrent.