PriPara – 40


So pshuu~ kyupikon~

Thanks to Randy96 for helping us with editing!

Maybe if we increase the kyupikon counter enough times a miracle will occur and Nanami will get screentime?



PriPara – 39


Kyupikon drives so well kyupikon!

Given how naisho woke up from hibernation after our first release we decided to go back to our original plan of starting at S2 so here is PriPara 39!

Season 2 of PriPara starts at 39 but you don’t need to have finished Season 1 to start enjoying it, this episode gives a small recap of what happened at the very end of Season 1 without giving any major spoilers so it’s safe to start here and finish Season 1 later when naisho wakes up from hibernation again.

Our current plans are to catch up with the current Season 2 and finish Season 1 later if naisho falls into slumber again.

Remember to kyupikon!


PS: We’re looking for an editor! Preferably someone who is well versed into archaic english and can transform japanese structured english into less awkward english. Drop by our irc channel if you’re interested in helping the kyupikon cause.

PriPara – 33

Kyupikon (≧∇≦)

Lala isn’t very good at explaining things.

With the power of kyupikon (≧∇≦) we’ll be subbing the remainder of season 1 and then start on season 2. Hope you can continue enjoying this show as much as we do.

For S1 we’ll be using a lot of stuff from naisho like song kfx and stuff.